Menu for my book, service, and contact information.The road to better health starts with my book, The Jump Start Workouts, and my fitness training service.

My book
I've written a book showing you the equipment-free workout and whole-food nutrition plan that can change your body. Unlike other consumer fitness books, mine is based on new evidence on weight-bearing exercise and plant-sourced foods, exciting findings which I explain clearly and concisely. I apply this new exercise and nutrition research to a simple, memorable four-workout, 30-recipe program. Read more about my book, including excerpts and advance reviews, here.  

My service
Regardless of your age or physical condition, a stronger, more powerful, and longer-lived you is within your reach. It starts by changing how you move and what you eat. My unique approach to training makes you independent right from the start, by teaching you a way to exercise that replaces constant paid sessions with a longer-lasting—and, at least in the long run, far less expensive—commitment you make only to yourself. Read more about my service here.

About me
A licensed physical therapist with a master of science in physical therapy (PT) from Boston University and an NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), I debunk and demystify the process of body improvement, applying the compelling results of current exercise and nutrition research to workouts that get measurable results.

You may contact me here.

Easy to learn and fun to do, the Jump Start Workouts can transform your body. 

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